Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Kotel

We have been to the Western Wall twice now since I have arrived. It is so traditional and holy. There are so many Orthodox Jews there with such a dedication to there religion and way of life. They are so devoted and obedient. I learned so much from these great people. Many of them were praying and reading there Holy Scriptures. The second time we went there was friday evening around 6. That is when there Sabbath begins. The place was packed with faithful worshippers and tourists. During there Sabbath they sing and dance. We joined in with a huge group and we pretended that we knew what we were doing. We also had to yell/sing "Hebrew" words to fit in. It was such a great experience.

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  1. Your pictures are awesome. I can't believe your going to all these places. I am very jealous. Keep the pictures coming! I love you.